Wood Effect Kitchen Tiles

Just like the living room, the kitchen is a festive room in the heart of our home where pleasure and sharing reign. Thanks to their warm and natural identity, wood effect tiles top the list of coverings for a friendly, practical atmosphere in this room. Wood effect tiles for kitchen combine the natural beauty of this coveted material with the durability of porcelain stoneware to decorate the floor and a wall of this important room.

Our collections of ceramic wood tiles for kitchen

Wood effect kitchen tiles for a natural and functional kitchen

Parquet effect tiles draw their inspiration from the different types of wood including oak for an ultra-realistic result. Novoceram offers a wide product range for interior flooring, which can take on an aged or more contemporary look of wood, with colours ranging from beige to brown. It is even available in the traditional size of wood planks. Certain details like veins and knots certainly reinforce the natural look of the tiles. There is therefore no visual difference between natural parquet and ceramic products. However, porcelain stoneware has many technical advantages, such as quick cleaning and simple daily maintenance. To sum up, it is the perfect material for covering the floor, wall or splashback of the kitchen.

The advantages of wood effect porcelain tiles for kitchen

Our kitchens are suitable for the comforting warmth of wood that reinforces the welcoming feeling it gives off. However, this choice can quickly raise concerns about the maintenance and cleaning requirements of a kitchen flooring. The only thing left to do is to opt for kitchen tiles in wood effect because they have the technical qualities of porcelain stoneware.

Wood effect kitchen tiles
Firstly, it is quick to clean kitchen tiles in ceramic. All you need is hot water and a mop to remove stains. Since these are common in the kitchen on the splashback or on the floor, the low porosity of this ceramic material is a real advantage. Indeed, stains remain on the surface of the tiles and do not penetrate them. Should they become more stubborn, wood effect tiles for kitchen can be cleaned with an aggressive product, as porcelain stoneware is resistant to chemicals.

Secondly, wood effect kitchen tiles, made of porcelain stoneware, are extremely hygienic and prevent the growth of bacteria. They are therefore also suitable for professional kitchens in hotels, restaurants or schools where hygiene standards are very strict. In addition, ceramic is heat resistant and therefore does not deteriorate upon contact with hot objects.

Finally, kitchen wood effect tiles are extremely resistant to wear and tear, so the surface does not deteriorate. This is a relevant feature since certain tiled areas in this room, such as those corresponding to the fridge, sink and stove, are subject to frequent heavy traffic.

A convivial decoration with ceramic wood tiles for kitchen

To enjoy a kitchen that is both warm and elegant, the use of wood on the floor, on the wall or in furniture is an obvious choice. The strong point of the wood look is that it adapts to different decorations such as rustic, chic, minimalist or even contemporary styles.

Available in the traditional plank size or in a square form, parquet effect tiles are the perfect flooring to warm up the kitchen environment. Its honey or beige highlights make the kitchen extremely bright. For example, in combination with white, wood effect kitchen tiles give a minimalist, sober result that focuses attention not only on the aesthetics of this raw material, but also on its colour, in beige shades, and its texture.
Kitchen wood effect tiles
Grey wood effect tiles
Bleached or grey wood effect tiles are also a perfect match for the softness of the Scandinavian style. This Nordic decoration is characterised by a good balance between white, neutral and pastel colours and wood, all bathed in a pleasant natural light.

The decoration can also adopt a typical cottage style thanks to the combination of various natural materials. For example, wood can be combined with stone effect kitchen tiles on the splashback, and both offer a reassuring spirit to the interior. On the other hand, the subtle mix of wood and metal or concrete is particularly suitable for a contemporary room. This combination of materials gives the kitchen a distinctive industrial look.

It is possible to create a harmonious style between different rooms in the house, such as the bathroom or bedroom. It is also possible to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, as the wood effect terrace tiles are 2 cm thick, ideal for external installation.

Frequently asked questions about kitchen wood effect tiles

Is it necessary to treat Novoceram wood effect tiles for kitchen?

Kitchens and bathrooms can pose various challenges for the installation of natural parquet. Porcelain stoneware, on the other hand, does not require any special treatment. In fact, thanks to its almost zero porosity, this resistant material does not get dirty and is perfectly suited for an installation in the kitchen, on both floors and walls, even in the sink or cooking area where exposure to dirt and heat is more frequent. If it does get dirty, it is easy to clean with hot water and a cloth.

Which size of wood effect tiles in kitchen should I choose?

Ceramic tiles come in a wide range of formats to suit many projects. If the authentic look of wood is to be emphasised, you can opt for plank sizes like 20×120 cm or 22,5×90 cm.

Can wood effect kitchen tiles be installed on the wall?

Any Novoceram collection of parquet effect tiles can be installed both on floors and on walls. It is therefore possible to decorate the kitchen splashback with the enchanting warmth of wood. From a design point of view, the beige shades on its surface bring a comforting and welcoming feeling, while a grey product brings elegance and modernity into the home.

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