Wood Look Tiles for Pool

The swimming pool often poses quite challenging constraints when it comes to choosing a floor covering. It is necessary to choose a suitable anti-slip product that is also highly water-resistant. Parquet look tiles for pool combine the undeniable aesthetic qualities of wood with the durability and practicality of porcelain stoneware. It is therefore possible to enjoy the natural charm of this highly appreciated material, as the technical characteristics of wood effect tiles meet the requirements of this relaxing area.

Our collections of wood effect pool tiles

An elegant and relaxed pool with wood like tiles for pool

Wood pool decks have always been popular because they offer a natural and warm atmosphere. Parquet look tiles for pool achieve a reproduction of rare authenticity. Pool tiles are, therefore, able to reproduce all the aesthetic details of natural parquet. Knots, veins and other imperfections decorate the surface of tiles that offer the visual advantages of this specific and unique material. However, this flooring must have a different level of slip resistance depending on the area it covers: whether it is the edges, the pool deck, the pool itself whether it is 4.9 ft. deep or over 4.9 ft deep.

The advantages of wood effect tiles for swimming pools

If the pool is located outside in the garden, flooring must be able to withstand bad weather. Wood is often lacking in this respect and has difficulty withstanding the different seasons. However, parquet effect pool tiles are made of porcelain stoneware and solve these problems.

Firstly, wood look pool tiles are perfectly weather-resistant, unlike natural wood, which can sometimes deteriorate. It can withstand frost and bad weather without undergoing any type of modification. Unlike wood, which can tend to lighten and therefore turn grey because of the sun, porcelain stoneware tiles are perfectly resistant to ultraviolet rays. This is why the colour of the tile does not fade and remains the same.

Another strong point of wood effect tiles for pools is their easy maintenance. Two things are needed to clean them: hot water and a scrubbing brush or a high-pressure cleaner. Stains are easy to remove because they remain on the surface without penetrating into the tile. This is due to the extremely low porosity of porcelain stoneware.

Wood look pool tiles

This is also the reason why this material does not deteriorate when in contact with water… an essential characteristic for a swimming pool and its surroundings!

Wood effect tiles for pool

Finally, wood effect tiles for pool have an aesthetic advantage. Thanks to the use of new technologies, porcelain stoneware is able to reproduce rare and precious woods at an affordable price. Moreover, some of these types of wood are simply not suitable for a pool deck, whereas this is not a problem with the ceramic version. It is therefore possible to enjoy a covering that is suitable for pool conditions without sacrificing the aesthetics of natural parquet.

An authentic and natural decoration with wood look tiles for pools

Wood look pool tiles contain the beauty of this natural material and offer a realistic result. It is easy to imagine an infinite number of different decorations and layouts that blur the boundaries between the house and the outside and even within the various areas of the garden, so why not extend the aesthetics of wood effect terrace tiles to the pool area?

Wood effect pool tiles blend in with different atmospheres, from the more traditional to the more contemporary or even industrial. Each of these has its own collection to match. Firstly, if your tastes reflect a contemporary style with clean lines, grey wood effect tiles are the way to go. The modernity of grey shades and the soft nature of the wood form an optimal combination that consolidates a refined decoration. After having laid ceramic parquet, the pool area will have a unique identity.

If the outdoor area, including the terrace and pool, is to be in complete harmony with nature, it may be interesting to opt for a mixture of natural materials. The combination of wood and stone, for example, already works particularly well in wet rooms such as bathrooms and will undoubtedly work wonders outdoors. Water, wood effect tiles around the pool and ceramic stone on the terrace together form a real ode to nature, perfect for a relaxing outdoor setting.

On the other hand, for those who love traditional decorating, there is nothing like ceramic wood for a classic and warm atmosphere. For even more authenticity, it is advisable to choose tiles in a rectangular format like real parquet strips. In addition, it is possible to choose light colours such as beige wood look tiles with honey tones or brown shades with strong tones. This combination of tile size and colour is ideal not only to emphasise the traditional character and comforting nature of wood but also to fit in with a classic decor. In any case, there is no doubt that the parquet effect pool tile will capture attention and become the star of your outdoor area!
Beige wood look tiles

Frequently asked questions about wood look pool tiles

Is it necessary to treat wood effect tiles for pools?

The advantage of parquet effect tiles for pools is that they are made of ceramic. Therefore, they do not need any treatment before use. Ceramic tiles are inherently resistant to the problems of an outdoor environment.

Are parquet look pool tiles resistant to chemicals?

One of the strengths of wood look tiles for pool is that they are highly resistant to the use of various chemicals, including pool salts. Indeed, cleaning can also include products of a more aggressive nature when necessary. In this case, it is important to ensure that you choose professional brand products.

How to lay wood effect tiles for swimming pools?

Novoceram Outdoor Plus range of 2 cm thick tiles allows for a variety of installation methods, such as laying on gravel or grass. It is also possible to opt for a raised installation, creating space for all cables for outdoor lighting or irrigation. However, adhesive laying on screed is required for pool surrounds and edges, which are also available in this range.

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