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NOVOCERAM: COMPANY PROFILE – Ceramics manufacturer in France since 1863

At the foothills of the Drôme, along the banks of the river Rhône, that’s where you will find Novoceram, a veritable jewel in the crown of French creativity, where ceramics have been produced since 1863. The first company to bring the French flair for style and charm to the ceramic industry, Novoceram stands out thanks to the ambitious and concrete choices it makes when it comes to environmental issues, thanks to its innovative logistic system and thanks to its innate sense of design, embodied in its ceramic connections as well as when it organizes major events to convey its values.

The history of Novoceram begins in 1863, in Saint-Vallier-sur-Rhône (26). With its 4 million m² annual production, 40 million Euros turnover, with a 90,000 m² of production site and 170 employees, today the company is one of the leading manufacturers in the French ceramic industry.

FRANCE. The French identity is a true brand value for Novoceram, and this steadfastly differentiates the company from its rivals in the ceramic industry. The sources for inspiration, the style of the products and how to present them in the most important trade fairs in the world, always communicate the charm and other deep-set authentic values of French ceramic haute couture. This decision has, primarily, a precise industrial function: more than 85% of the brand’s collections are made in France, at the production plant of Champblain, in the heart of the production site in Drôme, for the rest Novoceram benefits of the synergies of the italian Gruppo Concorde, one of the largest producers of ceramic tiles in Europe, of which Novoceram has been a part of since 2000.

ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT. The first ceramic company in France to have been awarded Ecolabel certification, the European brand that guarantees the eco-sustainability of consumer goods, for its entire range of products, Novoceram is committed to an ambitious and wholehearted environmentally friendly policy. Novoceram is the first French manufacturer to have obtained ISO 17889-1 certification, published in 2021, which guarantees that each of its products complies with very strict environmental, economic and social sustainability standards. Novoceram ceramic tiles can be universally recognized as having been manufactured according to a virtuous process aimed at sustainable development in all its aspects. Novoceram is also the only ceramic tile producer in France to have obtained ISO 14001 for its environmental management system. This rewards the significant investments made to adapt the production facilities in order to reduce the consumption of energy and water, and increasingly stringent procedures that have been introduced at all levels at the company – from the factory to the offices – with the aim of increasingly controlling and reducing the impact of its activities on the environment.

COLLECTIONS AND INSTALLATION SYSTEMS. Novoceram products are the result of continuous research, the ideas and inspirations coming from the traditions and cultures around the world, as well as the latest design trends. The collections are organized within a comprehensive catalogue able to meet every need: the precious ceramic wallpaper range of the Novoceram Art range, the collections in full body coloured gres porcelain and glazed gres porcelain, for residential and commercial use of the Novoceram Charme collection, as well as a selection of technical and single-fired gres porcelain, destined for the most important commercial and residential buildings, of the range Novoceram Projet. Novoceram also offers exclusive installation systems for floating floors, indoors or outdoors, without using glue, grout lines or concrete substrates which mean, for the first time, to combine the technical qualities of porcelain stoneware with the convenience and benefits of a floating floor.

UPEC. All Novoceram products benefit from UPEC classification, which implements being able to identify the proper use of each tile in relation to its destination uses, according to ISO standards that define the criteria to evaluate the wear resistance, to mechanical stress, to water and to chemical agents. The products are also independently tested by the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB), who certify classification using a standard UPEC.

LOGISTICS. Logistics at Novoceram play a key strategic role in ensuring optimum stock levels tailored to meet the needs of the market and offer solutions for efficient transportation solutions to the final destination. Delivery to the customer is guaranteed through careful planning and flow management that are earmarked to be sent to the main logistics players on the national and international markets. This means being able to respond quickly and efficiently to various transportation needs throughout the world and for any quantity, from one box to several containers. Fundamental importance lies in the capillarity of the network of distributors throughout France, Europe and the leading countries throughout the world that allows the customer to be able to use local support for any need.

MAJOR EVENTS. The Novoceram universe not only consists of products, but also of intense moments, which express the richness of the savoir-faire of the brand. Cultural events, unconventional initiatives on social media, other events organized down to the finest of details, international trade fair stands, become an opportunity or Novoceram to develop exclusive content to offer each visitor a more complete view of the values and style of the Maison.

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SALES 2019: 40 million Euros
EMPLOYEES 2020: 170
SURFACE 2019: 120.000 m² of which 46.600 m² is covered
PRODUCTION 2019: 3,5 million m²




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