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Talm Collection


TALM – Concrete look ceramic tiles for interior floors and walls

Novoceram, French ceramics manufacturer since 1863, presents a complete collection for interior and exterior flooring in colored in body porcelain stoneware that combines the aesthetics of concrete to resins and aged rusty metal surfaces.

Talm is a collection recreating metallescent reflections, in ceramic, a new material that comes from different inspirations: cement, resins, aged rusted metal surfaces. The surface is characterized by a wealth of micro details that generate a large variability within each single tile and between a tile and the other.

A transparent application of glassy origin distributed unevenly on the surface of the tile allows to reflect the light in a manner similar to a metal and etched to reinforce the already excellent resistance to wealth and scratch. This optical irregularities of the surface also helps to make less visible dirt and stains.

In the version in colored in body polcelain stoneware, Talm is declined in sizes 60×60cm, 30×60cm and 45x45cm and is available in five colors: Ivoire, ivory elegant and bright, Gris, light grey, Taupe, a warm color with shades of grey-beige that veer towards the russet, Plomb, an iridescent intense dark grey, Métal, a dark tone reminiscent of the nuances that are found on the steel sheets. Talm is also declined in the version for wall covering, available in size 22.5x45cm in four colors Ivoire, Taupe, Gris, Métal.

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USE:Interior floor coveringWall covering
TECHNOLOGY:Colored in body porcelain stonewareRed body wall tiles
COLOURS:Colored in body porcelain stoneware :
Ivoire (ivory)Gris (grey)TaupePlomb (dark grey)Métal (brown)
Red body wall tiles :
Ivoire (ivory)TaupeGris (grey)Métal (brown)
SIZES :22.5x45cm45x45cm30x60cm30x60cm rectified60x60cm rectified
DECORATIONS AND TRIMS:SkirtingStep Listel 4,5x45cm (red body wall tiles)


ISO EN 9001 : standard that defines the requirements for the company’s quality management system in order to achieve ambitious goals and to plan continuous improvements for various phases of corporate processes: customer relations, willingness to listen and talk, internal organisation, relations with suppliers and all the production processes.
ISO EN 14001 : standard that defines the requirements for the environmental management system, based on ecological commitment and increasingly ambitious goals in terms of process control implemented by the company in order to limit the impact of its activities on the environment and to improve its performance continuously.


Ecolabel : European environmental quality mark that guarantees that products have low levels of environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from the selection of materials to the production cycle, distribution and disposal.
UPEC Classification (pending : allows to know the proper intended use of each tile following the dictates of the ISO standards that define the criteria for determining the resistance of the tiles to high stress, wear and tear, puncture, water, chemicals and stains.
Indoor emissions: index measuring the emissions of volatile substances posing a risk of toxicity by inhalation. Our tiles are classified A +: the best level of this classification. Furthermore, being completely free of volatile organic compounds emissions, they even exceed the criteria required for classification A +.


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