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Traditionally, in the kitchen, wall tiles have been used to embellish and protect the splashback. However, why not think beyond and consider creating a floor-to-ceiling feature wall? Not only does this protect the walls from all the dirt in the kitchen, but it can also create an unusual design with patterns, colours or textures. Indeed, wall tiles can instantly transform any space thanks to our infinite range of effects and colours available. In addition, kitchen wall tiles appear to be an excellent option in view of their many advantages, including their easy cleaning and their resistance to various factors.

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What are the advantages of kitchen tiles for wall?

The kitchen is known as one of the most technical rooms and requires a wall covering that can withstand the various trials of everyday life. In this case, ceramic wall tiles for kitchen are the perfect answer to these various constraints.

In the kitchen, surfaces easily get dirty, especially those near the cooking area or on the splashback. It is therefore essential that the kitchen wall tiles are highly resistant to stains and can be easily cleaned. Ceramic kitchen tiles for wall do not stain, simply thanks to their low porosity, which prevents dirt from penetrating through the tile.

In addition, the walls behind the sink or stove are subject to factors that can degrade them, such as water, steam and heat. Kitchen wall tiles do not deteriorate even when exposed to these three factors for a long time. In other words, they keep their original colour and finish.

Kitchen wall tiles

Finally, ceramic kitchen wall tiles have an additional advantage, namely their resistance to chemical products. The use of aggressive products is common in the kitchen where it is necessary to clean grease stains and disinfect surfaces regularly. If thorough cleaning is necessary, chemicals do not damage ceramic wall tiles kitchen.

The decorative advantage of tiles for kitchen wall

Just like wall and flooring tiles in the bathroom, wall tiles in kitchen have a powerful decorative power and add character to the space. With a wide range of aesthetic effects, formats and colours available, in a matt or polished effect, it is possible to customise the space to reflect your own tastes in decoration with our products.

Kitchen walls are the ideal place to express your aesthetic desires. Traditionally, white or coloured metro tiles adorn the walls of this interior space with their discreet or rather pop tones, while the kitchen floor has a rather neutral tone.

Wallpaper effect kitchen tiles
However, for a more artistic touch, wallpaper effect kitchen tiles or cement tiles, laid on a small or large surface, are an excellent choice. There are several options: geometric prints for a contemporary look, floral patterned tiles for a natural look or Toile de Jouy prints for an undeniably elegant look. In all cases, the patterns of kitchen wall tiles highlight the presence of the splashback, for example, so that it becomes the main element of the decoration.

If your choice is a feature wall, which is already very designer in nature, a patterned tile with a 3-dimensional effect can bring out its modern and elegant identity. This model of tiles for kitchen wall energises the room and offers the possibility of adding rhythm and volume to the decoration. If you want to emphasise a noble character, stone effect wall tiles are the perfect choice. Porcelain stoneware reproduces the details of stone with great precision. Porcelain stoneware reproduces the details of stone with great precision. Veins, mineral inclusions and other asperities decorate the kitchen wall tile to give it a unique identity.

Your project may include a kitchen with a more contemporary style, which leaves some freedom in terms of coverings. The look of the ceramic marble defines a luxurious interior space, while concrete effect wall tiles add an industrial character to the modernity of the room. Like its source material, the effect of concrete on porcelain stoneware, worked with tools and lightly scratched, is a tribute to the material itself and creates a sober kitchen.
Concrete effect wall tiles

Kitchen wall ceramic tiles: frequently asked questions

How easy is it to clean ceramic tiles for kitchen wall?

Wall kitchen tiles are made of porcelain stoneware and therefore have a porosity close to zero. This characteristic makes it particularly easy to clean, as dirt remains on the surface of the tile without penetrating through it. To clean ceramic tiles, it is sufficient to use clear, hot water regardless of the tile effect, whether it is marble or wood. If necessary, a more aggressive product can be used to remove stains, as porcelain stoneware is resistant to chemicals. In this case, however, it is advisable to choose chemical products from a professional brand.

What size should I choose for my kitchen tiles for wall?

The size of kitchen wall ceramic tiles significantly contributes to setting the design of the room. Generally, small sizes, such as 20×20 cm or even mosaic, are popular for walls, especially for the kitchen splashback. However, large sizes are not to be ruled out, be it for a section of wall or for a complete feature wall. From an aesthetic point of view, large ceramic kitchen wall tiles create a more contemporary and minimalist look due to the reduced number of grout joints.

Which colour of wall tiles for kitchen should I choose?

Just like tiles in the bathroom, kitchen tiles for wall can transform the kitchen, but the choice of colour depends on the style of decor. If you want your tiles for kitchen wall to be eye-catching, patterns are the way to go. On the other hand, for a more discreet decor, warm colours such as taupe, beige or even cream can warm up the atmosphere and liven up a welcoming room. Dark colours, such as black or anthracite grey, project an image of power in an inner room. Obviously, you can choose items with vivid colours like blue, green or why not pink to make the splashback stand out! It is, however, essential to match the kitchen wall tiles to the kitchen floor. If the floor is made of wood, it is a good idea to extend the wood effect tiles to the walls to create a natural cocoon.

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