The delicate elegance of Moon is a subtle alchemy of elements – an uniform and matt surface, rich in small details, which reveals its richness as you slowly move away.


  • Moon Fer

    Moon Fer
    60x60 cm24"x24"rectifiedE089U4 P4+ E3 C2 - r10
    30x60 cm12"x24"unstraightenedE096U4 P4+ E3 C2 - r10
  • Moon Anthracite

    Moon Anthracite
    60x60 cm24"x24"rectifiedE092U4 P4+ E3 C2 - r10
    30x60 cm12"x24"unstraightenedE099U4 P4+ E3 C2 - r10


  • Moon Métal Griffé Listel

    Moon Métal Griffé
    1,5x45 cm0,6"x18"C228_7
  • Moon Métal Griffé Angle

    Moon Métal Griffé
    1,5x1,5 cm0,6"x0,6"C229_7
  • Moon Bombe Chrome Listel

    Moon Bombe Chrome
    0,7x45 cm0,28"x18"C853_6
  • Moon Bombé Cuivre Listel

    Moon Bombé Cuivre
    0,7x45 cm0,28"x18"C854_6
  • Moon Architecture Listel

    Moon Architecture
    1x60 cm0,4"x24"D190_7


Moon Fer
Moon Anthracite
Baseboard <span style="white-space:nowrap;">3"x24"</span>

Baseboard 3"x24"


Moon on the blog

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    Inspiration Moon

    A travel across the cosmos. Destination: the Moon. A voyage to discover the basic elements …

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