Ochre tiles

Ochre ceramic tiles have a long history with interior design, as this shade is one of the oldest organic pigments. This warm colour evokes its past origin, but also corresponds to contemporary trends in terms of decoration. It is possible nowadays to add this warmth with yellow ochre tiles, available in various shades that go from deep yellow to red and orangey tones. At first glance, this colour is attractive since it brings joy and vitality to any space!

Our collections of ochre tiles

Ochre-coloured tiles, a symbol of warmth and timelessness

This colour trend has no limits! Given its warmth and vitality, it is impossible not to welcome it in our rooms. The wide colour range makes it possible to create a large variety of atmospheres. For example, yellow ochre tiles with light gold tones reveals a timeless elegance while red ochre tiles give life to a warm and convivial atmosphere. It is also conceivable to add a surprising touch of colour in a more contemporary environment, such as for example on the kitchen splashback. This option also respects the room layout by adding a cosy touch. The decorative power of this shade is therefore undeniable and adapts to any trend so that your areas do not go unnoticed.

The aesthetic effects of ochre tiles

Each shade of this colour wonderfully harmonises with other materials such as metal, wood or concrete according to the style you prefer. Thus, the occasion has arisen for Novoceram to design ceramic tiles with various aesthetic looks that are inspired by those materials.

The ceramic reproduction of concrete appears as an optimal solution to get a modern effect. Concrete effect tiles attract attention through their details like light scratches and tool marks that underline the raw nature of the material. Nevertheless, combined with a warm colour, it makes quite an impression! The concrete look and this welcoming colour form a winning association that combines modernity and conviviality.

Ceramic stone is also available in this colour palette and brings a luxury touch in any space. The deep sense of security that this shade gives is truly appreciated and above all, it emphasises the noble character of the natural stone. This combination therefore offers a natural and unique look that enhances interior rooms as well as outdoor areas such as terraces or gardens.

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