Coloured Body Porcelain Tiles

The coloured body tile, being similar to the technical performance of the full body tile, is the result of the best production technologies in the ceramic sector. It combines high performance technical characteristics with a very precise aesthetic. This technology perfectly meets the technical requirements of large construction sites and also brings a certain touch of refinement thanks to a highly sought-after decorative and chromatic study. Coloured body porcelain stoneware is particularly present in Novoceram’s collections and is available in many aspects and colors.

Our collections of coloured body porcelain tiles

Colour body tiles: the perfect balance between performance and aesthetics

Being made of impeccable quality, this material is ideal for floor and wall coverings. On the one hand, coloured body porcelain stoneware is robust and resistant to many factors, such as humidity and water, wear, heat and weather. It can therefore be installed without worry in interior environments, including kitchens and bathrooms, as well as in exterior spaces. In addition, it offers a wide variety of aesthetic aspects, formats and colors. Thus, for each project, regardless of its nature, you will find a suitable tile to enhance each location, commercial or residential, public or private.

Aesthetic effects and colors of coloured body tiles

Coloured body porcelain tiles can reproduce a multitude of aesthetic effects, inspired by materials from nature or with a more modern identity. The precision in the manufacturing process leads to exclusive collections that can match any project.

The natural materials are part of the most present sources of inspiration in Novoceram collections. Natural wood and stone are both highly coveted and find a remarkable ceramic reproduction that is a true ode to nature. With an extreme attention to detail, no detail is overlooked, that is, the grain, knots of wood or the weathered surface of stone are replicated to perfection.

The coloured body ceramic stoneware tiles can also be given a more modern look. Imitation concrete tiles, designer tiles and metal-effect porcelain tiles belong to this category. The cement effect never disappoints with its highly worked surface and helps to shape a decoration with industrial accents. The design tiles, on their part, beyond their intrinsic modernity, mark original and singular spaces. Indeed, each collection has a unique aspect that makes it almost indefinable. Finally, the imitation metal tile brings a little more to it in view of its countless metallic reflections that dress the surfaces with style.

Two other materials are part of the panel of aesthetic effects, namely the resin and terracotta aspect. The resin effect tile explores this material in an elegant way and is adorned with a contemporary look that gives a highly decorative charm to any place. Finally, Novoceram revisits the traditional terracotta look and modernizes it for a trendy result that matches all furnishing styles.

This material is known for its versatility, with its color palette being no exception. Thus, the colours it is made of are diverse, such as the various shades of gray, ranging from the lightest to anthracite gray, or beige or ivory which instantly illuminate the room. Dark colors are also available, such as taupe, brown or black, which all give a form of power to the floor as well as the walls.

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