Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Glazed tiles are the most suitable type of tile for residential use. It has advanced technical and aesthetic properties which make it a reliable reference for all domestic uses, both for floor and wall. In the Novoceram range, this technology is represented by collections of character, complete and contemporary, offering colors rich in emotion. The glazed porcelain stoneware series are characterized by sophisticated and original shades with different aesthetic effects and great stylistic versatility that give rise to refined spaces at home.

Our glazed porcelain tile collections

What is glazed porcelain stoneware?

Glazed ceramic tiles, which are part of the porcelain stoneware family, are obtained by applying a layer of enamel to the tile. The glaze has an important advantage from a decorative point of view simply because it makes it possible to realize a host of more particular aesthetic effects, which sometimes cannot be applied on another type of support. Thus, some collections are defined by a more elaborate and sophisticated aesthetic. However, this enamel layer is more fragile and does not have the same resistance as porcelain stoneware. Therefore, its uses are limited.

What are the aesthetic effects and available colors of glazed tiles?

As mentioned above, this technology opens up an infinite field of aesthetic possibilities and creativity has no limits. When designing collections, Novoceram is inspired by current trends and revisits them entirely according to its unique and distinguished style.

Firstly, glazed porcelain stoneware can get the distinctive features of wallpaper. The introduction of decorations on ceramic tiles means taking the decoration of the space to another level in order to achieve a kind of originality and personalization. The geometric patterns of the ceramic wallpaper tiles are studied down to the smallest details in order to offer divine and unexpected collections.

Also, the cement tile effect is another wonder that can be considered. This material, of undeniable authenticity, is revisited while respecting the craftsmanship that determines its manufacture. The imitation cement tile gives a more authentic look to surfaces. In the same line, azulejos are a source of inspiration for Novoceram, which offers a modern and stylish reinvention of their traditional aesthetic.

To finish with a touch of modernity, the concrete effect is another availability that can be used to dress up more modern, industrial or even sleek interiors. The energy of concrete is communicated through the various graphic richness of the tile surface and thus becomes an essential element in the decoration of the space.

The colors of this variety of stoneware are very varied and thus make it possible to match it to the atmosphere of the environment in question. It is possible to opt for ivory so as to enjoy its soft luminosity; or for various shades of gray or even for black if a luxurious and astonishing touch is desired.

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