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Temporary Show 2009 « Métamorphose »


TEMPORARY SHOW 2009: MÉTAMORPHOSE – A temporary show in an abandoned hotel to discover the universe of Novoceram

Novoceram, French ceramics manufacturer since 1863, leads its guests in a spectacular journey through time to discover the past and the future of an abandoned hotel in the south of France where he staged an exhibition out of the ordinary who becomes the starting point of an experience in four moments to discover the universe of the brand.

6 days, 900 visitors, 10 partners, 12 actors, and the great team of Novoceram to complete “Métamorphose“: an extraordinary event that the company, ceramics manufacturer since 1863, staged in an old abandoned hotel in the south of France to make a suggestive metaphor of metamorphosis that can live a building through the renewal of the materials which cover it.

 “Métamorphose” is an unique experience which takes visitors, over a whole day, over four intense moments of entertainment, discovery and analysis on the ceramic product. The first stage takes place in the Hotel des Voyageurs, an abandoned hotel in the center of Saint Vallier sur Rhône, next to the headquarters of Novoceram, that is going to be destroyed to make space for a new building, but still steeped in the charm of its long history. In the bold project of Francesco Catalano, the hotel becomes the stage of a traveling show that leads viewers between faded wallpaper and creaky stairs, to surprise them with corners of an imaginary future in which the protagonists are Novoceram ceramic tiles. Each room becomes an open window on the history of the building, thanks to the surprising presence of ironic and mysterious characters impersonated by actors of the Company of the Théatre Ecole de Montélimar.

The journey of the visitors discovering the universe of Novoceram continues with a second experience: a guided tour of the factory, to find out what is behind the creation of each tile. The company’s showroom is the third stage of the route of the guests: a space designed as a real home, where the French style enhances the charm of the collections of Novoceram. The last surprise for invited guests is another, spectacular metamorphosis: an elegant room laid for a cycle of five gala dinners between pallets and shelves of the warehouse of Champblain.

To follow the backstage and all the secrets of “Métamorphose” and to (re)discover all the other Novoceram events, visit the website or the Facebook page.


NAME : Métamorphose
CONTEXT : Corporate event
TYPOLOGY : Temporary Show
INTERIOR DESIGN : Francesco Catalano
SURFACE : Hotel des Voyageurs, Novoceram warehouse and showroom
INSPIRATION : An abandoned hotel turned for a week into the enchanted setting for a journey through time and space
ADDRESS : Novoceram – Saint Vallier sur Rhône (France)
Hôtel des Voyageurs – Saint Vallier sur Rhône (France)
DATES : From 8th to 12th of June 2009
OPENING TIMES : From 16.00 to 21.00


The story of Novoceram started in 1863 in Saint-Vallier-sur-Rhône. With its 4 million m² of annual production, 42 million Euros of sales, a production site surface of 120,000 m² and 170 employees, the company is one of the leading producers of ceramic tiles in France. Novoceram adopts a constant and coherent environmental policy that has enabled it to obtain ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management System and ISO 50001 certification for its Energy Management System. Novoceram has been part of the Concorde Group, one of the major producers of ceramic cladding in Europe, since 2000.


Francesco Catalano

Francesco Catalano is the designer behind all the booths and exhibition spaces of Novoceram. He is Marketing Manager and Art Director for the company and owner of his own interior design firm based in Reggio Emilia (Italy) specialized in bold, unconventional interiors for commercial and residential environments. His work is recognized throughout the design community, winning awards like the prestigious Etoile of the Observeur du Design, in France, and several nominations to the Compasso d’Oro, in Italy. He is also a prolific author of marketing books and articles. In 2010 he founded the blog Gorgonia where he shares his knowledge about marketing and design.

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