Houses with indoor swimming pools: our photographic selection

  • 15 April 2015

The warm weather has arrived and we feel like diving into the pools universe. Yes, it is spring, the temperature begins to get warmer, but not warm enough to get in swimsuit and relax by the pool … unless you’re fanatic of the Kneipp method, but that’s another topic …
We sort out the roots of the problem, forgetting  seasons and the work of cleaning and storage for the winter to do a tour of the most beautiful indoor pools for your house.
In a separate room, in the middle of your living room, or in the most unexpected places, here is a selection of pools: tiles, natural stone or wood, there’s something for all tastes, winter and summer, to train or relax, to use without limits.
Indoor Swimming pool
Photo : Palais Rasumofsky / Baar-Baarenfels © Vera Subkus
Indoor swimming pool for houses
Photo : Andreas Edye Architekten with tiles Novoceram Cast

Notice to swimmers: indoor swimming lane

Sports fans, the indoor swimming lane is for you! Very fashionable in its minimalist appearance and design, it allows you to combine business with pleasure.
Indoor swimming lane
Photo : Paula Santos
From 1.30 to 1.50 m depth, generally of a reduced width (between 2 and 5 meters), it can be equipped with a system of swimming in countercurrent.
Indoor swimming lane for houses
Photo : The Whitefish Poolhouse CTA Group
In Montana, on the shores of Lake Whitefish, The Whitefish Poolhouse designed by the architect David Koel CTA Architects Engineers is a fine example of swimming lane. Inspired by Japan, nature is omnipresent and it allows you to swim in a relaxing atmosphere.

A bedroom with an indoor pool, or nothing!

Who has not dreamed of having a bed in the middle of a pool (between 26 ° and 28 ° of course …)? Perfect for an awakening in sweetness.
Bedroom with a pool
Photo : Tresjouy – Novoceram
To be avoided in case of sleepwalking …

The indoor pool, this unknown

Now there it is, now it’s gone! Magic, no? In any case, very practical, the pool with movable base disappears when is not in use, also solving the problems of security.
Hidden pool
Photo : Hidden Pool
Hidden indoor pool
Photo : Hidden Pool

Indoor and outdoor pools, the spoilt of choice? Here is the In & Out pool!

If you can not decide, I understand you, between an indoor and an outdoor pool: build them both! This is the principle of the In & Out swimming pool: it starts within and extends to the outside of the house. Transformable according to the seasons, in winter it allows you to continue to enjoy the comfort of an indoor swimming pool. How? There are different systems, for example, you only have to close the doors to keep swimming as if nothing had happened.
In&out Pool
Photo : © Diffazur
In&out Pool for houses
Photo : Residence in Bloomfield, Michigan by DesRosiers Architect

Have you made your choice?
Now you only have to choose the tiles for your pool, stone effect, concrete effect

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  • Australian Spas and Pools | Swimming Pool Builders Melbourne
    2015-05-19 02:26:19

    These look absolutely elegant. Having an indoor swimming pool can really give you the time to relax and be more at peace with yourself. It's really interesting how the incorporation of simple LED lights can make a pool so luxurious. Really great pictures, btw!

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