Métamorphose: the new life of the Hôtel de Voyageurs

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  • 8 May 2009

Novoceram invites you to visit the abandoned corridors and transfigured rooms of the Hôtel des Voyageurs in Saint Vallier sur Rhône in the Drôme, which will become, between 8 and 13 June, the extraordinary venue for a unique moment of art and show, before being destroyed and reborn to new life.

Hôtel de Voyageurs

Métamorphose is a travelling show which leads visitors on an itinerary through all the Hotel’s abandoned rooms.  In each one, an ironic fragment of past guests’ life is revealed, halfway between past and future.

Novoceram – ZI Orti – Laveyron – 26240 Saint Vallier sur Rhône

Hôtel des Voyageurs – 2, Rue Jean Jaurès – 26240 Saint Vallier sur Rhône

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    2009-06-05 08:09:50

    J'ai pris des photos de l'extérieur et je vais les mettre sur mon blog avec un lien vers cettte note.

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