And the winner is… Action Contre la Faim!

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  • 11 October 2011

All good things have to come to an end sooner or later! Friday 30 September marked the end of a fabulous adventure,  The Passion Project, which took place first on Novoceram’s Facebook page, then on the Novoceram stand at Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings in Bologna from 20 to 24 September 2011. This application which started out life as a fun on-line initiative reminiscent of the themes and atmospheres of 1970s spy films, turned out to be an extraordinary opportunity for exchanging encouragement and sharing moments of joy, bringing together more than 2250 people, all animated by the spirit of a passion, no matter for what, with a single objective… awarding victory to a good cause in favour of children or the underprivileged.  Each player attributed the points accumulated to one of the 3 Passion Leaders who acted as ambassadors for the charity they represented.

Action Contre La Faim

At the end of the four months of friendly competition, the counters were stopped at midnight on Friday 30 September 2011.  The verdict has been pronounced. The association with the most points is…  Action Contre la Faim, with 146 800 points, ahead of Toutes à l’Ecole with 115 700 points and finally the Fondation Anouk with 64 200 points. Novoceram is delighted to donate the prize of €5 000 to Action Contre la Faim. Vincent, the Passion Leader of Blog Esprit Design who supported this association said he was “happy to have enabled ACF to win”.

The Action Contre la Faim association was set up in 1979 to combat hunger in the world by providing populations in difficulty with the means to become self-sufficient in managing water and food resources.  For more information, see this article on our blog which presents the winning association in more detail. 
Novoceram takes the opportunity to thank all the fans and others who contributed to making this operation a success, both on and off line!

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  • Vincent BEDesign
    2011-10-11 14:10:49

    Heureux qu'un blog comme le mien permette "aussi" de faire de bonnes actions !

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