How not to lose your mind during isolation

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  • 6 April 2020

This particular situation can also be an opportunity to rethink our time and redesign our habits. We would like to share with you our positive view to enjoy the small instants of happiness that this situation offers us. Whether you are busy with the children’s’ homeworks, with open-air sport or social-life nostalgia, try to see the bright side…

How to not lose you mind during isolation

First of all, we would like to thank the collections Kobe, Petitot, Azimut, Tango, Hirati and Losa for having offered themselves as background for this article about how to live at best the isolation period 😉

Isolation + Children = Keep them busy with creativity

How to not lose you mind during isolation

To keep your children busy get involved and use all your creativity. Any idea? Create a boot camp path in the living room with the rule to follow the tiles seal…You’ll regretting to have not chosen small format tiles… Because who says large format tiles, means floor with less seal! Otherwise make them draw the hopscotch game on the terrace tiles, in the living room or in the hall… no fear! Tiles are easy to clean…here you go with the next activity: let’s clean up all together!

Isolation + Nice weather + Terrace = Take advantage of sunny days

How to not lose you mind during isolation

Do you have a garden, a terrace or a balcony…? Lucky you! Take advantage of it, get some fresh air, do some gardening, sunbathe, enjoy this springtime beginning! If you have nothing but a window exposed to the Sun, open it and lay a towel on the floor, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a beach. Then, if your external spaces need to be tidied up, take advantage of these days to work on it. Do you need some ideas? An inspiration for the floor of your terrace? Take a look at our blog and our Pinterest‘s pinboards!

Isolation + Sport activity = Everybody in tracksuit!

How to not lose you mind during isolation

How to practice sport at home without the right tools? Of course it’s possible, you just need a bit of motivation, a smartphone or a tablet. There are a lot of apps available with virtual personal trainers ready to guide you… If not, you can always organize a small session of penalties in the living room between the sofa and the television: we guarantee the impact resistance of the tiles, not the one of the rest of the furniture… It could be also the occasion to get rid of aunt Gertrude’s horrible vase… 🤐🤭🤫

Isolation + Smart-working + Children = Good luck!

How to not lose you mind during isolation

Managing smart-working and children at the same time is not easy and requires a LOOOT of organization. Take advantage of their pauses to raise your productivity, establish rules, get ahead with work, propose them some games (preferably calm ones) to do in autonomy and most of all… be patient! For the grown-ups that have to follow school from home, prepare the material one day in advance and give them some practical exercises. For example a small math problem: Rossi’s family chose Novoceram collection Tiber in format 30×60 cm. If they need 10 boxes, each containing 6 tiles, what will be the area of their living room? You have one hour of time.

Isolation + Social life = Long live the happy hours 2.0!

How to not lose you mind during isolation

Who said that happy hours with friends are over? Of course no! You can simply switch to the virtual mode… Everybody in his own house with the webcam on! Keeping social ties with family and friends, even long-distance ones, is fundamental to keep up your spirit. Give yourself virtual appointments to share your moods, your activities, your ideas and your discoveries (it is the right moment to share with friends the tiles that made you lose your head!). Don’t forget to spoil yourselves: prepare yourself also a cocktail and something to snack as appetizer!

Isolation + managing emotions = Be Zen

How to not lose you mind during isolation

Healthy mind in healthy body! Physical activity is important, but don’t forget the inner part of you! Taking care of our body is important, but let’s not forget about our spirit. Taking care of our body is important, but let’s not forget about our spirit. You have many possibilities: meditation, yoga or simply assign objectives to your days. Divide spaces and times so that every family member can have some time for himself. Be Zen! You can find online meditation or yoga classes. To lay yourself in peace on the floor , you can disinfect it with bleach, alcohol or other diluted disinfectants: they can be used on your ceramic tiles with no fear. And you? What do you to have a healthy mind in a healthy body?

Isolation + Dress code = No to days in pajama!

How to not lose you mind during isolation

Too maintain a good mood in this isolation time keep yourselves active. Find a compromise between the elegant dress and the pajama. You can set up an home dress code: Monday sporty, Tuesday chic, Wednesday Halloween… Gentlemen, avoid Robinson Crusoe’s look, and you Ladies do not renounce to your favorite lipstick only because you are stuck at home. Avoid eating between meals even though the food is always available at hand. Take advantage of this time to take more care of your diet and profit of free time to cook healthy meals. These little things help to take care of ourselves and this will do good to you and to the ones around you. ”

Isolation + Boredom = Unleash your creativity

How to not lose you mind during isolation

For our whole life we waited and finally time has come! Now you can decide to dedicate yourself to your favorite art, the one you usually neglect for a lack of time. This is the perfect moment to wake the artist that hides inside you! Music, painting, videos, sculpture, poetry, choose the mean that better fits you, sit down, close your eyes and let your spirit wander in the creativity universe.

Isolation + Free time = Prepare your projects!

How to not lose you mind during isolation

Free time! We always lack of time, let’s take advantage of this moment! Time to dream the next trips, time to take back in our hands our secret dreams, time for solitary projects, couple projects, family projects… For your restructuring projects we are preparing short videos to answer at all your questions on tiles. You will find them in the next weeks on our socials: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter!

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