Tiles for kitchen splashback: give your kitchen some style

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  • 10 May 2022

The kitchen is a room where we spend more and more time. Preparing a meal becomes a real moment of pleasure that is often shared with the family, so we might as well combine the useful with the pleasant and treat the decor!

Kitchen splashback

If the furniture sets the tone for your room, the kitchen splashback, located at eye level, whether in waxed concrete, wood or tile, is the final touch that will affirm the image of your kitchen.

1. Which kitchen splashback tiles to choose: backsplash or hood base?

Concretely speaking, the kitchen credenza is a decorative element placed against the wall, located between the worktop and the high elements of your kitchen, with an average height of 50 to 80 cm. We speak of a backsplash credenza when the credenza only rises to a height of 5 to 20 cm from the worktop and low credenza when it rises 20 to 25 cm.

If we limit ourselves only to protecting the wall behind the cooking area, below the hood, then we will be speaking of a hood base

After these small precisions: it is up to you to choose the most suitable protection for your kitchen. If you have the choice between several materials, know that tiles remain a safe and trendy value.

2. kitchen credenza: why choose tiles?

If the installation of kitchen splashback tiles is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended to protect your wall and give style to your kitchen. Indeed, the kitchen splashback dresses and decorates your kitchen but not only that… It also protects the wall from splashes and other spills that can occur when cooking. An essential quality of the credenza is its ease of maintenance.

Why are tiles as aesthetic as they are practical for your credenza?

This is simply because it combines functionality and decoration.
Tiles are easy to install, economical and durable, particularly resistant and, ABOVE ALL, easy to clean with a sponge, which makes them the preferred material for credenzas.

So, you need not worry if your offspring has decided, in a moment of bravery, to help you cook, and by so, transforming your porcelain tiles kitchen splashback into a work inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock. Tiles are highly resistant to wear and tear, shocks, stains and detergents!

The tile kitchen tiles for splashback also has other advantages: kitchen tiles are resistant to high temperatures and can therefore be placed behind the cooktop. It is also resistant to humidity and its appearance will not change over time.

The icing on the cake is that this flooring is ecological: it does not release any volatile organic compounds into the air inside your home, it helps to maintain good air quality, as indicated by its A + label. Moreover, ecology is a topic held to high regards by Novoceram, which works daily to reduce its impact on the environment, as shown by our certifications and our ecological charter.

Finally, tiles offer a wide range of styles among which you will undoubtedly find your happiness.

3. Tiles for kitchen splashback or credenza, different styles for different people

Whether you have chosen an industrial, Scandinavian, retro chic, minimalist or your own style kitchen, you will have no problem in finding the splashback tile of your dreams because the range is so wide. However, it is important to find the right match between the credenza, the furniture and the worktop for the result to be harmonious.

Hippy chic

A half industrial and half country concrete effect tile, blends in with most styles in a delightful neutrality: a most exquisite hippy chic mix.

30x60 cm format

30x60 format

Stone effect tiles can give your kitchen a sophisticated and luxurious aspect or even a rustic and authentic feel.

Format 20x120

The wood effect tile, neutral, blends with all interior styles, it makes the space warm and modern while combining the technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware namely ease of maintenance and durability. In light tones, it is particularly reminiscent of Scandinavian influences, although light colored tiles can be easily combined with all room styles.

Mosaic tiled credenza

The mosaic is also an alternative; it brings a sober and refined note and an assured charm to the credenza of your kitchen.

Indigo azulejos-like tile

Finally, if the credenza can be discreet, minimalist, it can also be the star of the kitchen by focusing on originality with a daring style that gives a lot of personality to your kitchen.

Size 22.5x45

With this Mix and Match inspired by cement tiles, the Patchwork collection will embellish the walls of your kitchen and will find a perfect match with the concrete effect tiles on the floor or the ceramic wood.

Composition 90x135 cm

Choosing the TrèsJouy for your credenza means opting for “French chic”! The collection reproduces the famous patterns of the Toile de Jouy in a gold version. Decorating your kitchen credenza with gold gives it a very luxurious style.

Format 20x20 cm

We have talked about boldly assumed style; Indigo is certainly the most daring and spicy collection for your kitchen credenza with its reinterpretation of the traditional azulejos in a pop and ironic version.

You are free to play with the associations: woody appearance for the credenza and a stone look for the bottom of the hood or the azulejos look for the backsplash credenza and the bottom of the hood while the top of the credenza is dressed with wood look tiles, a ceramic wood strip 20×120 cm for a low credenza: the possibilities are endless.

Ceramic wood strip 20×120 cm

You can of course extend your credenza to the ceiling.

Finally, combining the floor and the walls, but perhaps avoiding the total look: why not imagine a ceramic tile carpet under the table instead?

Ceramic tile carpet

4. kitchen credenza: what size to choose for the wall tiles?

A wide range of kitchen credenza tiles is available. Knowing that the height between the work surface and the high furniture is on average 50 to 80 cm you can choose the following formats of wall tiles:
20×20 cm: very trendy for credenzas, the 20×20 decorated formats can easily play with colors or patterns.
30×60 cm: in horizontal or vertical version to give height to your credenza.
60×60 cm: a large format that limits the number of joints.
20×120 cm: a blade format that gives horizontality to your kitchen.
60×120 cm: an XXL format gives a continuity effect and facilitates the maintenance.

Format 30x60

Formats of wall tiles

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