Ceramic parquet and wood in interior decoration

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  • 25 February 2013

Wood as a natural material lends itself to a variety of different uses, in particular when the creations are oriented towards sustainable development.
In the course of our research concerning wood we came across this very interesting lamp! This is a lamp of elongated shape completely covered by tree bark (even with the moss still attached). This lamp “Castor”, inspired by tree trunks gnawed by beavers is created from recycled wood and bottles of juice.

lampe castor
lampe castor
lampe ecorce

After spending his entire childhood in the forest, the designer Robin Brown explains to what extent he had missed the natural elements during his life in London. As many of us, he had felt the need to bring nature in his urban environment.
To sort the lamp with the rest of the furnishings we found this table whose foot is a tree trunk! the table top frames the trunk and it reveals its heart .. in which it is possible to calculate the age of the tree (by counting the circles drawn in the wood).

Table en bois Wood Design Bloom Coffee Table by Wood Design
And since there is no point having an ecological house if you pollute when you move, so here is a doubly environmentally friendly means of transport: a wooden bicycle. In the picture below you can see the one created by Lagomorph Design.

Vélo en bois de Lagomorph Design

In response to this need for nature, the comforting warmth of wood is largely declined in interior decoration. For example, the ceramic is extended to look like planks of wood imitating even its appearance.
In this spirit, the collection Noa, parquet ceramic of Novoceram declined in 4 colors: Blanchi Noa Noa Bruni, Flotté Noa and Noa Naturel. It’s available in size 45×45 cm, 15×90 cm, 30×60 cm and 22.5×90 cm, an original format for laying today.

Noa parquet céramique

With this collection of ceramic and lamp Castor is now possible to illuminate the floor and feel like in a log cabin in the trees in the middle of a metropolis! As with Origine …

Origine Terre

And after the wooden lamp of this article discover the lamp in concrete!

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