Passion and precision: EcoVintage finishes

Novoceram News
  • 22 September 2009

While work is about to begin in Bologna to assemble and tile the EcoVintage stand, a few kilometres away, the painstaking finishing of the project’s numerous components is drawing to an end.

EcoVintage finishes

Upholsterers, carpenters, electricians and layers have been working since June. In a workshop, the 45 old lampshades which will climb up the branches of the wood to light it are being restored, in a hanger the old chairs which will be dotted around the stand are being repaired, while in an old country house, skilful hands are covering with colourful fabric the 25 columns which will support the stand’s green ceilings and welcome visitors to the magical Novoceram world.

For a first exclusive taste of the great many intense moments experienced behind the scenes, here are some images of the delicate phase of covering the columns which perfectly symbolises the atmosphere of these days, halfway between patience and frenzy and above all steeped in emotions, because as the pieces of fabric are cut, the damask is wrapped around the bare columns and the trimming is curled to embellish them, the spirit of EcoVintage comes to life step by step.

Eco Vintage Novoceram

Eco Vintage Cersaie

Eco Vintage Novoceram

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