Novoceram reveals the name of its 3 Passion Leaders 1/3: Mercotte

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  • 15 June 2011

Do you have guests for dinner and no idea where to start? Your macaroons don’t look anything like those crunchy brightly coloured delicacies making eyes at you from the patisserie window? In her sixties and full of life, Mercotte  from Savoy and a lover of good food, can help you.

Mercotte Novoceram

In just a few years, her blog has become a must for everyone wanting to try their hand at making macaroons at home (the desperatemacaronsgirls). The recipes are within everyone’s reach (all it takes is enthusiasm and commitment) and described step by step with great clarity, revealing all the chef’s secrets.  It is no accident that the slogan of her blog is “a pinch of pedagogy and an enthusiasm for good food”.
And this is the proof! We got kneading away ourselves and created (and devoured) our own Novoceram macaroons!


We chose her from the myriads of cooking blogs because, fired with a genuine passion, she says of herself: “I don’t do anything without joy”. And with joy and enthusiasm, she accepted our proposal.
Mercotte will promote the cause “Toutes à l’école” and is sharpening her weapons ready for the friendly Passion Project competition.  May the best win!

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