A passionating day in Lyon with the Passion Leaders

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  • 6 September 2011

It all begins at six in the morning on Thursday 1 September 2011. The alarm rings and I leap out of bed immediately… I absolutely mustn’t miss the train!

As arranged, I find Francesco at the station of St Vallier and we set off together, anxious that everything goes as planned and impatient to meet the Passion Leaders.

At Lyons, in front of the stately sunlit building housing the Musée des Tissus et des Arts Décoratifs, we meet our photographer Maurizio and Gemmi, his delightful assistant-fiancée all set to begin.

Passion Leaders

A few minutes early… we ring the bell.  The heavy door creaks slowly open to reveal a charming courtyard leading on the right to a small garden in front of the entrance to the Musée des Tissus.

We manage to take just a brief admiring look before Véronique, the lively smiling manager of communications and hire of museum spaces, welcomes us with a look which betrays a hint of curiosity about our original initiative and takes us to the rooms chosen for the interviews.  The meeting with Mercotte will take place in a sumptuous 18th century dining room. While the technical team sees to the last details, a cheerful self-assured voice rings out in the rooms of the museum… it’s her, our first guest, Mercotte! The interview goes wonderfully thanks to her simplicity and generosity.  It’s as though we’ve known each other for years (… apart for her great passion for rallies which comes as a complete surprise!!).

We then move to the magnificent room dedicated to the exceptional exhibition of Italian majolica where we wait for Bango.

He arrives relaxed and motivated, fascinated by the beauty of the rooms. After wheedling a few secrets from Mercotte who has already been through it, he answers our questions with frankness and sincerity, revealing a hint of emotion when he answers the question: “What would you never have imagined doing but which has happened thanks to your blog?”… the answer: “Precisely this interview!”.

Day in Lyon
The Passion Leaders Novoceram

While waiting for our last blogger, we are taken on a guided tour of the temporary exhibition of 18th century garments where we discover genuine treasures in fabric. The exhibition continues with clothes by the greatest designers: Paco Rabanne, Christian Lacroix and Lapidus.

Just as we are finishing our visit and going back to the museum entrance, Vincent of Blog Esprit Design  hurries in with perfect timing!
The interview with the youngest of our three bloggers takes place in the room dedicated to modern gold work, a contemporary avant-garde collection which is the perfect setting for him.

The second part of the day can now begin… everyone to the restaurant!
While Mercotte, Véronique and I choose to walk, the men want to try their hand at cycling with the Vélo’v provided by le Grand Lyon.

Superfluous to say, the women are the first to arrive at the Le Cintra restaurant. Lunch is lively and the conversation largely hinges around the way everyone lives their passion.

Finally, it’s time to take our leave, but it is only an arrivederci.  This day will remain a happy memory for all of us.

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  • silvana
    2011-09-17 09:33:27

    ........sono una vostra fan.... seguire il vostro lavoro e le vostre iniziative è interessante. mi arricchisce!!!! e soprattutto mi diverte.

  • Leonard
    2011-09-12 09:50:58

    L'album de la journée a été publié sur Facebook!

  • Leonard
    2011-09-08 10:12:24

    Bonjour Mercotte, vous pouvez "aimer" de nouveau cet article :-) Bonne journée

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  • Mercotte
    2011-09-07 12:46:58

    Dommage on ne peut pas partager sur facebook ça marque erreur quand on clique sur le j'aime !

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