Ecology and building

Design and Trends, Environment and Ecology
  • 1 September 2008

Novoceram has no doubts: everyone in their own small way can make a contribution to protecting the environment. Starting with the small gestures.

Together with  ECOLABEL certification of its products and opening of the ISO 14001 procedure, Novoceram also wants to set an example by working actively to prevent deforestation. This is why to mark the opening of its temporary shop, the appropriately named “Echappée Verte”, Novoceram undertakes to plant a tree in Mali through the Planète Urgence project for all visitors who leave their contact details.Although temporary, this shop will leave a lasting mark of its existence.

The Echappée Verte is conceived to make visitors relive the atmosphere of their last trip in the country before the end of summer. They will also be able to meet leading names in the sustainable development field during the “ConVertSations”.Experts from the ECOVIBIO Réseau and ADEQUATIONS associations, a journalist from HABITAT NATUREL and an architect from LATITUDE 48°51 will present their work and debate themes concerning ecology in building.

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