New collection 2015 : Azimut

Tiles and Ceramic
  • 29 September 2014

The product of a skillful mix of natural stoneware,  Azimut is the new answer for floors and walls by Novoceram.
Often contemporary ceramic is more or less the faithful reproduction of an existing material.
Sometimes however, even in the era of digital technology, ceramic recovers its own artisanal and artistic origin with the creation of a new material, from apparently poor and primitive resources.

Azimut collection

Azimut does not reproduce any natural material: months of research have been required to select and mix together natural colored earths from different regions of Central and Southern France and Italy. Such blending applied on panels, led it gradually to new forms, interesting graphics elements, sometimes exciting but often totally unusable.
Dozens of attempts were needed, refining for each step quantities in mixing and processing techniques, to get the full definition of graphic surfaces and the three-dimensionality of Azimut.
The result is a material born from others materials, which is indefinable in color and shape, because it is the synthesis of many different colors and shapes.
Azimut is a complete series for wallcovering and flooring : the four colors of coloured porcelain for floors (light, warm, cold and dark) are matched with three colors in white porous single-fired wall tiles (light, neutral and dark).
The three colors of wall tile are designed to match among them and with each of the four colors for flooring: this is possible because, even if each color has its own well defined personality, it is composed by the mix of the same colors in different proportions.
Azimut is available in sizes 30x60cm, 30x60cm rectified, 45x45cm, 45x45cm 6 columns mosaic rectified and 60x60cm rectified.

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