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  • 25 September 2015

On the occasion of Cersaie 2015, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings, Novoceram will showcase Napami, an exclusive collection of coloured in body porcelain stoneware tile that draws its inspiration from the most avant-garde wood essences.

In a single Coloured in body porcelain stoneware tile collection Napami brings together five different ways to interpret parquet flooring. The five versions of Napami are not merely five colours, but five unique essences, in five different finishes and each identifies a specific living style and its own unique universe of reference.

Napami Grisé 20x120
Napami Grisé 20×120

Napami Brossé has the appearance of oak that has been bleached and brushed. The graphics of each individual listel are extremely varied and rich in details, yet only slightly different from piece to piece, the surface not very reflective, the structure virtually absent: the appearance of the floor is so unconditionally luminous and neutral that it leaves an incredible amount of freedom in terms of furnishings and recalls the style of living characterised by linear and rational elements so typical of the Masters of Design of Northern Europe.

Napami Moiré is inspired by the oak floorings of traditional Hausmanian buildings in Paris salvaged following the regeneration of the surface via smoothing that, completely removing all previous surface treatments, results in a shiny and yellowish finish that gives the surface a neutral colour and variability of the raw material. The surface is completely matt, the chromatic variances between the individual listels extremely striking. A floor with tremendous character – and at the same time – extremely versatile and able to exalt the characteristics of the style of living conceived by the designer.

Napami Tanné is a noble floor. Antique oak planks selected from the best cuts and free from defects, aged, worn, altered by countless treatments over the centuries, therefore reclaiming yet again a new elegance akin to a painstaking restoration that crystallises the history of a surface of regained elegance. An intense floor, at the same time imposing and easy, perfect for an industrial-style loft, or an interior design with a classic look as well as for a minimal design with simple lines and neutral tones.

Napami Grisé duplicates the careful selection of walnut, one of the most sought-after wood in the world. The graphic variety and richness of natural wood have been fine-tuned and optimised thanks to a careful selection process and a mix of a variety of different lines that have resulted in a graphic conundrum of elegance and balance. Overall, the floor has a neutral hue with a slightly grey influence, but the richness of colour at the centre of the piece is stunning; the surface is extremely matt and virtually smooth. Napami Grisé therefore puts itself forward as a solution of tremendous elegance for those looking for a flooring of immense originality and character, be it in a commercial or residential setting.

Napami Grise 20x120
Napami Grisé 20×120
Napami Grise 20x120
Napami Grisé 20×120
Napami Grise 20x120
Napami Grisé 20×120

Napami Fumé is a flooring without compromises: it faithfully reproduces the look of burnt-look wooden planks, almost charred but where the unmistakable essence of the original material comes through. The chromatic base is an intense black; the structure is highlighted and ravaged by fire in a haphazard cobweb of cracks; the surface is at the centre of a play between shiny and matt, until, in some places, it culminates in metal effect marks of a tremendous aesthetic impact. Napami Fumé is a floor that unites elegance and originality, able to bring character to residential and commercial venues with an aesthetic that would otherwise be impossible to achieve with the natural material which, by its very nature, would simply be unusable.

Napami is only available in the 20×120 format: a large format, an absolute first for any Novoceram collection, a size that contributes hugely to the aesthetic success of the product.
Among the 2016 novelties, discover also Petitot, a chic and audacious coloured in body porcelain stoneware tile and Domus, a cement tile appearance.

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