"Les 10 Visages de Mister X" at Designer’s Days 2010

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  • 3 May 2010

In 2010, the Designer’s Days celebrate their tenth birthday! The theme chosen by the organisers for this edition obviously hinges on the number ten.

For the occasion, Novoceram has discovered a strange phenomenon – Mister X (who wishes to remain anonymous) has given us the keys to his Paris pied-à-terre where he keeps the secret of his ten identities.

Visages de Mister X

Obsessed by detail, he composes every characteristic of his personalities in his image with almost maniacal care and attention, from style of clothing to tone of voice and even the elegant and mutable interior design of his home.  His is so thorough, he even changes the tiles in his home whenever he changes identity.

Whim and necessity made possible thanks to Novoceram Indoor et Novoceram Outdoor, the first floating laying systems combining all the advantages of ceramics with the possibility of renewing the appearance of indoor and outdoor tiling quickly and easily.

The gallery chosen for the installation has a delightful luminous surface inside a building from the Hausmann period. The space under the window will serve as a reception area and become Mister X’s winter garden where the Novoceram Outdoor system will be displayed.  Inside, the 10 Novoceram Charme collections will be displayed, each associated with one of Mister X’s ten personalities.

Mister X Novoceram

Designer’s Days 2010

During the six Designer’s Days, the Novoceram sales and marketing team will be at the service of Mister X ten times to add the finishing touch to his perfectionism so that even his floor becomes the mirror of his ten personalities.
In practice, the tiles on the floor in his house, laid using the Novoceram Indoor system, will be replaced each day while the exhibition is open, giving visitors a direct demonstration of how quick and easy the system is to lay.

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