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  • 13 September 2008

For all those who could not visit in person the Echappée Verte, here is a brief presentation of the structure of the exhibition.

Ground Floor

Le Déjeuner sur l’Air

The “Dejeuner sur l’Air” is the first room you come across entering the left: a surreal picnic in the absence of gravity. The delicate fibers of Fil de Coco are woven into a table cloth that covers the light hanging boards of velvety elegance and country setting, starting point of the fantastic journey of the Echappée Verte.

Sensorial Portals

The sensory portals are in the hallway in front of the Dejeuner sur l’Air. They are ready to offer visitors the keys to the world of Fil de Coco to seduce them with their style, the nuances, the scents, the melodies. Just bring the eye to see on a small screen the video image of the corresponding color of Fil de Coco. Just breathe to smell the scent inspired by the name of the color, to touch with your hand to feel the textures of the fibers and give ear to vibrate to the sound of sweet music.

The pavilion of the fairy

Le Pavillon de la Fée is located down the hall. Here we find the composition Très Jouy in which revives the ancient tradition of Toile de Jouy, the French textile decoration for excellence since 1760, famous for his images of rural background bloomed.
At the center of the room a charming fairy invisible is reflected in her enchanted mirror and indicates the path to follow to visitors who can answer the question hidden in her casket of jewels.

The Enchanted Forest

Past the door to the right of the pavilion of the fairy, you enter the heart of the Enchanted Forest which hides mysteries that visitors will unveil to know their botanical. Owls, keepers of the keys of the NamelessTreasury, they’ll guess the answer the last riddle. The trunks of the trees are the six colors of the series Noname in its 5 sizes.

1st floor

Shaded Siesta

Once up the stairs, visitors can relax in the shade of the great tree of fragrant Shaded Siesta before taking information on Novoceram collections and enjoy a moment of refreshment and sharing in the last room of the route.

The country setting Library

The  Country setting Library exposes explanatory panels that present the set of collections Novoceram Charme.

The Animated Aviary

This is the last room at the end, on the first floor, entirely surrounded by screens covered with Florilège. Inspired by ancient wallpapers and made with the most advanced techniques of ceramic decoration of tiles white body of size 22.5×45 cm.
Aviary is located at the center of a table that presents, at the hour of “COUVERTS” and during the opening night refreshments offered by our partners and around which we can exchange views on issues of ecology, thanks al’intervento expert she environmental protection.
The Aviary Animated marks the end of the Echappée Verte. To leave this magical world, you must retrace their steps in order to renew the feelings.
The Echappée Verte Novoceram was held in the premises of the Reflex Gallery
62, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 PARIS.
Métro 1, station Louvre-Rivoli.

Opening time

The shop is open from 4 to 21 September 2008 tutti i giorni dalle 10.00 alle 20.00

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