Notes on the Salon Maison & Objet 2013 in Paris

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  • 6 February 2013

The exhibition Maison et Objet in Paris has just closed the doors and just set foot in the office, I will share with you some pictures of the “Parcours d’inspirations” divided into 3 stages that marked the lobby of this show and I had ‘ opportunity to experiment.

The course has as its underlying theme of the BIOS. With the spread of technologies of virtual and dematerialization, there is also an increasing need for authenticity and human contact. In interior decoration the house is seen as a living organism that reflects this desire to return to nature, rediscovering the power of foods ancestral where you can find the strength of knowledge and forgotten where you can experiences groped for a rebirth.

In the first workshop “nourritures premières” under the direction of Elisabeth Leriche, director of the studio, I was amazed by the structure of the stand made from baguettes of bread, a staple that projects immediately in the heart of the theme.

Nourritures premières Maison&Objet

Upon entering, you could discover a performance fabric huge chunks of beef Tamara Kostianovski.

Morceaux de boeuf salon Maison&Objet Nourritures premières
Morceaux de boeuf - Maison&Objet jan 2013

As the butcher directly choose the meat: furniture shaped like a cow was designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for Seletti.

Boeuf Maison&Objet janvier 2013

In addition to meat, other foods have tickled the creativity of the artists, such as milk, bread, vegetables and honey. As greedy as I am, I could taste a delicious honey emulsion of citronella in front of this vessel made of beeswax.

Nourritures premières Maison&Objet

In the exhibition “Pionnier” by François Bernard – Agence croisements, we were all invited to think about the way we live to lay back feet on land and reach the “emotional satisfaction” regardless of the passage of time. Objects created in harmony between man and nature based on natural raw materials become timeless to restore dignity to the right gesture and know the material. The exhibition is a selection of objects from the vibrant energy born from a very concrete work on materials that allow you to anchor in reality, a mockery of modern technology (tablet, lcd screens, iPhone) that take us away from the concrete and carry us in virtual.

Pionnier Maison&Objet 2013
Pionnier François Bernard Maison&Objet

Finally the exhibition “Renaiscience”, under the guidance of Vincent Grégoire, hunter trends, which has developed the department “Art de Vivre” agency NellyRodi, darkness had a research laboratory where a fossilized nature, magnified, passed under the microscope, or even deformed was magnified by the creativity of artists. As this skeleton covered with sequins created by Géraldine Gonzalez. “Cosmetics alambiccate” that reveal a renaissance thanks to the “science of metamorphosis.”

Renaiscience Maison&Objet janvier 2013
Renaiscience Maison&Objet janvier 2013

See you on next edition!

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