A Week-end with Ceramic Wood

Tiles and Ceramic
  • 11 March 2016

The similarity between Ceramic Wood and natural Wood, which it reproduces, is so perfect that it is almost impossible to distinguish them.

Don’t believe us? Take few moments then and discover the Website page completely dedicated to Wood Effect Floor: let yourself be seduced by the 5 different Wood Effect Essences of the Napami collection (Brossé, Moiré, Tanné, Grisé, Fumé). These Floor coverings, made of Colored in Body Porcelain Stoneware, combine the beauty of Wood with the endless practical advantages of Ceramics.

Napami GriséNapami Moiré
Napami Grisé and Napami Moiré 20×120

Ceramic Wood is a great source of inspiration even for us!
To illustrate in a more pleasant way 5 of the many advantages of Ceramic Wood, Novoceram has indeed loosed its creativity and made some humorous sketches:“A Week-end with Ceramic Wood”.
In this Comic strip, 5 brave members of the Marketing Department rebel against the mean Marketing Director and try to destroy the photo-sets for the Napami catalogue, to avoid working overtime during the Week-end.

Novoceram presents A Week-End with Ceramic Wood

We won’t blow the punchline, but be aware that any attempt, as ingenious as it is, to boycott the Catalogue production will be vain: Wood Effect tiles are as beautiful as rugged!
If the Comic strip made you laugh, don’t miss the colourful animations “Don’t panic, it’s Wood Ceramic!”, inspired by the Comic, and available both on the Webpage dedicated to Ceramic Wood and on the Facebook page.
Curious? Here just a small preview: 5 different colors for 5 awkward attempts! Just click to discover what these 5 diabolical colleagues came up with!

Napami Tanné

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