EXPO 2015: UAE pavilion

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  • 11 February 2015

Find out what  the United Arab Emirates have prepared for visitors to Expo 2015 with their magnificent interactive pavilion!

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1) Presentation of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) pavilion


The UAE develop in their pavilion the theme of “Food for the Soul.” The exhibition is based on two pillars: a presentation of the cultural, technical, ethical and medical issues implyed by feeding the planet population and the absolute necessity that food become sustainable and shared.
In this hall, the UAE also address the issue of food security.
The pavilion, container of fresh and original ideas, is the representation of a lush oasis in an iconic architecture that widely uses new technology to a substantial reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
It is one of the largest pavilions and is located at the center of the exhibition, next to Decuman.
The 12-feet tall walls of sand host the access ramp to the pavilion and are inspired the sand dunes sculpted by the wind. The ramp leads to a giant screen 65 meters long, a kind of digital “falaj”  (underground irrigation typical of traditional UAE).

The colors of the sand tinged this futuristic pavilion with its hi-tech equipment: recovery of rainwater, solar panels, …
The basic principles of exposition are the following:
Sustainable Development
environmental protection
The pavilion also deals issues concerning water (a resource more important than oil) and carbon dioxide production.
The UAE will host in 2020 the next World Expo to be held in Dubai.
The design
The pavilion covers an area of 4326 square meters and was designed by Foster + Partners, an architectural firm in London.
The project has to adapt the meteorological conditions both of Italy and Abu Dhabi, since it will be dismantled and moved to the United Arab Emirates at the end of exposure.
The culture of the UAE is characterized by determination, creativity and hospitality. They are in full development and they are innovating in order to meet the future challenges in terms of energy supply and to share them with the rest of the world.

expo2015 les emirats arabes unis

The different spaces

The exhibition is divided into two areas:
the cylinder of the auditorium
the Future Talk :inspired by the TED Talk phenomenon  (international conferences on inspiring subjects ), it is a presentation of initiatives  on the topic of food and energy.
The exit ramp goes down next to the restaurant that presents the contemporary culinary culture of the UAE, a café and a terrace and then goes into an oasis that extends below the auditorium. The ramp is a funny, interactive and educational journey. A rooftop garden will supply the restaurant.

les emirats arabes unis

2) Inpiration

The pavilion is inspired by the city of Masdar in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, the future energy hub of the UAE, with long narrow streets, large courtyards and tree-lined paths around large pedestrian areas.

3) The UAE and feeding in numbers

The UAE are dependent for 70% on food imports.
The staple food of the UAE consists of biscuits, camel milk, bread and dates
57% of consumers in the UAE say they strive to eat healthier (Datamonitor, 2009)
61% of UAE consumers make decisions about buying food by reading labels.

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